About Emma Axelsson


Hi and welcome, my name is Emma Axelsson and I am a Certified English speaking Therapist, specializing in Self-Esteem and Anxiety related issues, based in Barcelona.

After working within the field of communication,  I left the corporate world to pursue a life I could be truly passionate about, but it did not come easily. After being inspired by my own journey and unexpected challenges and experiences, I realized my journey was indeed my destination. Today I work as a Therapist, helping individuals to handle life’s ups and downs, to eliminate negative and hindering core beliefs and destructive thought patterns so they can achieve emotional wellbeing and reach their fullest potential. I also provide workshops where  I promote emotional and mental well-being, speaking about the importance of self-esteem and a positive attitude and mindset. For me it is so much more than a job, I have a genuine love and passion for helping people making positive changes in their lives and finding a peace of mind so that they can enjoy their lives, and enjoy and appreciate their authentic selfs.

My approach is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Positive Psychology.
I graduated from European University with a degree in Communication and hold a diploma as a Certified Therapist with focus on Positive Motivation & Psychology. I speak Swedish, English and Spanish.