Individual Therapy & Counseling Sessions


It is an investment in yourself

What is Therapy & Coaching?

Therapy, counseling and coaching creates opportunities for healing, change and development and could be the key to turning things around. Sometimes we feel beaten down by life. During those moments we may need support and guidance in order to advance and move forward. Through therapy and counseling you can deepen your understanding of your story and conquer it. It is also a way to become more aware of who you are and what you want out of life and how to get there.

My approach is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Positive Psychology. In my sessions I will guide you in increasing your self awareness and ability to identify patterns in your life that limits you but also enriches you. I will also provide you with everyday tools and techniques to help you get there. I work with individuals who seek to strengthen their overall mental and emotional well-being in order to reach their full potential and to find a peace of mind. Whether your objective is to improve your self-esteem, take control of your anxiety, how you feel about yourself, improving your relationships and communication skills or to reach a professional goal, I am here to  guide you, motivate you and provide you with the necessary tools to make that happen.  

How can it help me?

Therapy, counseling and coaching can help with the following areas:

  • Build self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Ease feelings of anxiety & worrying
  • Receive guidance & support when going through a rough patch
  • Feeling down or mild depression
  • Change negative & unhealthy thinking patterns


How does it work?

A full session last 1 hour where we together work on achieving your goal or the changes you would like to make. For first time clients I offer a free of charge 30mins introductory session that can take place face-to-face, phone or over Skype.  This is for us to get to familiarized with each other and to talk a bit about the reasons for you seeking therapy, and how I can help you. We will also define the objectives that you would like to gain. Some people only requires one or two full sessions while others might find it beneficiary with several and during a longer time period. My aim is always to help you in achieving a lasting, satisfactory change in the shortest time possible. Please get in touch for more info on how I can help you.